What is this all about then?

Hello wonderful people and welcome to THE website!

My name is Darnell, a young west London creative who is endeavoring to intrepidly explore far beyond the borders of the M25!

… lol

But seriously, I do like an adventure and reporting on international affairs, strange unheard of and looked over things is what I do best.

As a journalist and an aspiring documentary filmmaker, I have created this website to share and showcase some of the most recent journalistic work that I have been engaging in.

But wait there’s more…

As well as being a place to share some of my projects and works I see this page as a creative outlet and place for reflection for me, where I can share relatable experiences with others and hopefully build a community.

I love all things creative and adventurous so expect the odd music related post, poetry,  photography, film and of course… Travel! (Especially this one might I add) 

A creative soul is what I am…

and, well… engaging with creative content and being able to share and relate with like-minded people makes me so fulfilled and if I can spread that feeling then I’d be glad to know I’m doing something right for once!

So keep an eye out on here and expect a couple posts every month.

If you want to see more you can also give me a shout on Instagram @darnell_christie or on Twitter @darnellchristie.

Hope to see you soon.

Have a fabulously phenomenal day and keep smiling!

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