Protests today in London as GAF demand political change

Protesters at Bank Station today Video Package on the event by Darnell Christie Anarchist protesters head out on the streets of central London demanding changes to political structure and environmental policy. See my latest news package to find out more.

Darnell Responds Podcast Launch – 21st Feb 2020

This is Darnell Responds, the new podcast hosted by me, Darnell Christie.  Discussing and digging into the latest stories from around the world surrounding news and other topical debate with my own personal take.  With episodes released every two weeks there’ll surely be something for everyone.  Don’t forget to tune in from 21st of February to... Continue Reading →

DELETED from the system and happier

 The documentary bringing truth to Britain’s shameful homeless situation The short documentary film, Deleted, directed by Stephan Pierre Mitchell documents the last five hours of Ahmed Sadiqqi Hussein before he is evicted from his home in north-west London and provides an insightful perspective into the life of the many homeless people in the UK. The... Continue Reading →

“If the environment were a bank, it would have been saved by now.” – A look into why after 30 years, climate change remains on the international agenda

Strolling past London’s Marble Arch on an unusually warm April afternoon and I am promptly greeted with a flood of tents in the street. A wave of slow indie music floats among the fluttering of multicolored flags above. A man to the left hands me a pamphlet, subtlety breathing, “Extinction Rebellion. Rebel for life.”  Despite... Continue Reading →

Extinction Rebellion Wrap

Climate change continues to find itself at the heart of international agenda. Though, not everyone sees it such a pressing issue. Many even deny its existence. Extinction Rebellion have been campaigning since October 2018 to get the British Government to declare a climatic emergency and change the minds of those turning a blind eye to... Continue Reading →

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