Reposted from Artefact Magazine You wouldn’t think that starting a business in one of the UK’s worst economic recessions would be a good idea – but some business owners would beg to differ. Despite the disruption it brought into our lives, the global pandemic, it seems, has sought to arouse our pioneering talents by inspiringContinue reading “2020: THE RISE OF THE ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR”

Battling homelessness in lockdown

In recent years, homelessness has consistently been highlighted as an area of rising concern throughout the UK. In a year that has seen unprecedented changes to social interaction, the presence of Covid-19 continues to pose a serious challenge in combating homelessness. After the announcement of a second national lockdown in England, many homeless charities nowContinue reading “Battling homelessness in lockdown”

What next for the #EndSARS movement?

The Nigerian President has called for protesters to stop their peaceful demonstrations in his address to the nation on Thursday but avoided the mention of the lethal shootings that took place earlier this week. Saying that the youths’ “voice have been heard”, President Muhammadu Buhari acknowledged the five demands made by young Nigerians who haveContinue reading “What next for the #EndSARS movement?”

Anti-lockdown protests: A global fight for liberty or a menagerie of ill-informed activism? Whatever it is, it’s not all about Miss Rona.

“Personally, I see the correlation to Nazi Germany with this thing and it scares the living heck out of me. The reason Government feels that it has to take care of the people and has to order them to do things is because they believe we’re too stupid to do it ourselves. The idea thatContinue reading “Anti-lockdown protests: A global fight for liberty or a menagerie of ill-informed activism? Whatever it is, it’s not all about Miss Rona.”

The Story of an Essential Worker amid the Covid-19 Crisis

This is Shirley. Shirley Wiggins is a security officer working in central London. Before the coronavirus pandemic, she didn’t necessarily see her job as ‘essential’ but in progressing through the Covid-19 crisis, she has learned to see her work and that of others in a different way. Shirley talks about the importance of thinking differentlyContinue reading “The Story of an Essential Worker amid the Covid-19 Crisis”

Darnell Responds Podcast Launch – 21st Feb 2020

This is Darnell Responds, the new podcast hosted by me, Darnell Christie.  Discussing and digging into the latest stories from around the world surrounding news and other topical debate with my own personal take.  With episodes released every two weeks there’ll surely be something for everyone.  Don’t forget to tune in from 21st of February toContinue reading “Darnell Responds Podcast Launch – 21st Feb 2020”

Venezuelan Migrant Crisis: How is Colombia managing?

Amid the Venezuelan migrant crisis, millions of people continue to leave Venezuela in search of a better life with more opportunities abroad. The numbers of Venezuelans leaving the country is continuing to grow. But how is the abundant flow of migrants affecting the countries to which they arrive? Darnell Christie travels to Colombia – Venezuela’sContinue reading “Venezuelan Migrant Crisis: How is Colombia managing?”

Fires in the Amazon continue to rage –and did you even realise?

For the past three weeks large forest fires have been raging throughout the Amazon rainforest in South America and yet, there are still many who don’t even know what’s happening. More than 2,500 fires are currently active and devastating thousands of hectors of age-old rainforest. Many of the fires are naturally occurring, though the intensityContinue reading “Fires in the Amazon continue to rage –and did you even realise?”

DELETED from the system and happier

 The documentary bringing truth to Britain’s shameful homeless situation The short documentary film, Deleted, directed by Stephan Pierre Mitchell documents the last five hours of Ahmed Sadiqqi Hussein before he is evicted from his home in north-west London and provides an insightful perspective into the life of the many homeless people in the UK. TheContinue reading “DELETED from the system and happier”