Darnell Responds Podcast Launch – 21st Feb 2020

This is Darnell Responds, the new podcast hosted by me, Darnell Christie. 

Discussing and digging into the latest stories from around the world surrounding news and other topical debate with my own personal take.

 With episodes released every two weeks there’ll surely be something for everyone. 

Don’t forget to tune in from 21st of February to be sure not to miss the debut episode.  See you there!

Listen on:

Buzzsprout (My Podcast host site):



Darnell Responds Available on Spotify

Empowering communities through climate action Darnell Responds

In this episode, we speak to climate justice activist, Suzanne Dhaliwal, looking at the importance of decolonisation within the climate movement. Then, founder of Kenyan NGO, Agnes Leina talks on the empowerment of women to address drought. And young Ugandan activist, Mulindwa Moses demonstrates the power of youth in the climate battle.
  1. Empowering communities through climate action
  2. Racism and goals for the advancement of the Black community
  3. What has COVID-19 taught us about tackling climate change?

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