Extinction Rebellion Wrap

Climate change continues to find itself at the heart of international agenda. Though, not everyone sees it such a pressing issue. Many even deny its existence. Extinction Rebellion have been campaigning since October 2018 to get the British Government to declare a climatic emergency and change the minds of those turning a blind eye toContinue reading “Extinction Rebellion Wrap”

Nothing to Fear – A review on Ben Ecclestone’s newest production at the Blue Elephant Theatre

With data ownership and Internet surveillance at the heart of debate in today’s society, is there really nothing to fear in this post-truth Internet-age? Ben Ecclestone’s new production creatively explores the complexities of it all and will leave you questioning more! The political, though at times light-hearted production, ‘Nothing to Fear’, is a reverberating expositionContinue reading “Nothing to Fear – A review on Ben Ecclestone’s newest production at the Blue Elephant Theatre”

Decisions on Development: Time to move on for the Elderly Elephant?

Local stakeholders are still divided by the Elephant and Castle shopping centre (The Elephant) regeneration plan set by developers, Delancey and Allies & Morrison. The two-phase development plan, first considered in January this year is said to promise 979 new homes, around 175,000 square feet of new leisure facilities and shops as well as aContinue reading “Decisions on Development: Time to move on for the Elderly Elephant?”

Baa Humbug! A Review on the Blue Elephant Theatre’s Newest Production

The short Christmas production, Baa Humbug written and directed by Jo Sadler- Lovett and produced by Niamh de Valera at Southwark’s Blue Elephant Theatre is a true delight. Filled with exuberance and interaction, the production most definitely serves as a remarkable piece of children’s entertainment. Containing an underlining message based around mental health awareness and the importanceContinue reading “Baa Humbug! A Review on the Blue Elephant Theatre’s Newest Production”

The Beginning of a New Chapter

The past weeks have been really tough. Battling with internal emotions, moments of isolation and perhaps most strikingly the feeling of an unhappy heart have led me to drop out of university. Saying this though, I look back in hindsight with a sense of grace and overwhelming gratitude. In what seems to have felt likeContinue reading “The Beginning of a New Chapter”

What is this all about then?

Hello wonderful people and welcome to THE website! My name is Darnell, a young west London creative who is endeavoring to intrepidly explore far beyond the borders of the M25! … lol But seriously, I do like an adventure and reporting on international affairs, strange unheard of and looked over things is what I doContinue reading “What is this all about then?”